Wireless Network

At teaching rooms and labs, there is a wireless access to the department network. Wireless network name is cs-wifi. This network uses WPA2-Enterprise security and users should provide their credentials to gain access. For connection details and instructions visit this LINK.

Wireless network can provide access to the internal network but the correct passwords should be used. User can read or send email through wireless network with the programs: MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc as well as accessing users home directories. User can also visit libraries that University of Cyprus have access (IEEE etc). The network is supported from IT support team of Department of Computer Science. If you have any questions or problems with that network  please contact ITS, preferably through HelpDesk.

There is another wireless network installed  which is provided from the Central Computer systems Service (ΥΠΣ) of university, with the name: ucywifi. In order to have access to this network, you should complete a form which can be found on  networks website and sent it to ΥΠΣ. Through this network, you can only access web and libraries. If you want to access department of Computer Science systems using this network, it is the same as connecting through other outside networks like cytanet, spidernet etc. The advantage of this network is that it can be accessed almost form everywhere in new campus. If you have any questions or problems with this network, you should contact the Department of Networks of ΥΠΣ.