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UNIX Lab II (103)

LINUX II system laboratory is located at the first floor of building 12, room 103. This lab is equipped with LINUX workstations which are used for teaching and research purposes. The workstations are running latest release of CentOS, and a large number of UNIX/LINUX applications. As well as other applications which can be used as an alternative to Windows operating system.

More information about CentOS operating system can be found on the website of CentOS.

Domain name of lab is: The available hostnames are: 103ws1, 103ws2, … 103ws33. (lab name:103)-(workstation)-(number 1 to 33)

To access 103ws1 workstation, you must use VPN and then use the fully qualified host name like is:

Note that all workstations operate the same way and they have the same software installed on them. The use of  usernames and passwords is personal. You CAN NOT “lend” your passwords to anybody else for any reason. Passwords “lending” is a disciplinary offense and it will be punished. 


Installation of applications can be done only by IT support team. No one else is allowed to install any application on the PCs of laboratory.

The table below displays the applications installed on the workstations:

Full Gnome desktop environment and apps



XRDP Remote Desktop

Eclipse oxygen 2017

Riverbed Modeler 18.8


Nvidia - Cuda - Tensorflow