Databases services

The Department of Computer Science provides support for the following three Databases types: MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL. They can be used for teaching as well as research purposes (thesis or more other research work).

Obtaining access to the database

In order for a user to gain access to a database the form “Request a website for studies / conferences” must be submited copmplete and signed to the IT support team in room 001. The request must state the following:

1. The type of database (MySQL, Oracle, or MS_SQL)
2. The desired name of the database
3. The desired user name (username) that will have access to the database
4. Start and end of program / conference

Forms submitted by a student or researcher, must also be signed by the profesor/ other faculty member responsible for the project / site / course.

After the database is created the user who requested it will receive an email with the password and instructions for connecting to the database. Note that the databases that were created for the purpose of work / study in courses will be deleted after the end of the semester

Access and use of databases


From the network of the Department ,surfing through a browser to the user can have direct access to the new database after selecting the correct server at the drop down menu, and enter the credentials (username and password) in their respective fields. The server for student work is the studentdb, where the server for conferences etc is the dbserver.

In order to access the above server from a network outside the department, one needs to first connect through the VPN.

MS-SQL Server

Access to the database can be made directly from the Microsoft Visual Studio software or a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express which can be obtained free from the website of Microsoft.


The access is given with the enrollment in course EPL241 or EPL342. The teacher responsible for the course in the laboratory will give password and related information for the database connection to each student.