Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?

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Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium) is a subscription-based offering for technology schools and departments and for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. It provides professional developer and designer tools, software, and services from Microsoft to your faculty and students. It includes our latest technologies and cloud services to inspire and excite students. And, it provides educators a diverse set of resources to ensure their classrooms challenge, engage, and motivate students in new ways.

More information on  Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching to program website.

What does Microsoft Azure includes:

A full list of applications that Microsoft Azure includes can be found HERE

Download and install software

You can download software after connecting to using the central UCY services credentials  (banner, blackboard). Relevant user guide is published in our website.

Referral to errors and problems

In case you have any problem on downloading software or/and during software installation note the problem exactly as it (if you can, do a screen dump – with the error output) and sent it to IT team. You can also report the problem on Helpdesk.