VMware Academic Program

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VMAP program provide access to members of the Computer Science Department to obtain VMware software free of charge.

VMware software products focus on virtualization technologies. VMware offers for educational / experimental purposes, virtual infrastructure creation and management software (virtual infrastructure)
The CS Department participates in the VMware Academic Program by providing VMware software to the members who are entitled to it under the current VMware licensing policy.


The software may only be installed and used for educational and research purposes. Educational purposes are the use of software within a course. Students attending these courses are also allowed to install and use the software on their PCs. Research purposes are considered non-commercial research projects. The software can be installed in research laboratories as well as in the personal computers of the personnel employed in them.

Users fully accept the Vmware Vmware academic program Vmware Vmware service terms as they refer to Vmware’s official website for the service and accept all legal penalties for any use resulting from misuse.
The use of the software is governed by the usage guidelines as detailed in https://labs.vmware.com/academic/licensing-overviewThe use of software is only for educational and research purposes. Research purposes are called nonprofit research projects.

To connect to the VMAP program complete the appropriate form available our website. For access the program site follow the link posted to the Departmental central information portal.