Printing services

An extensive network of printers has been established which is covering all floors of the Department. Each teaching lab has two printers. Also the photocopy machines of the Department can be used as printers. All printers are available through the department’s network (likely, however, some printers may not be visible from certain points to avoid confusion). More information about the printer system is provided by the User Guide for Printers. The same guide also contains suggestions for avoiding wasteful use of paper and

Restrictions on Printer Use

All students have a limit number of sheets of paper they can print every six months. The restrictions adopted by the Senate in an effort to avoid wasting paper and supplies.

At the beginning of each academic year, the account of each student is credited with € 120,00 for the purposes of printing notes and tasks. This amount corresponds to 1500 single-sided printing sheets (€0.08/sheet). This cost is reduced to €0.05 for both-sided printing (duplex). The color single-sided printing is charged €0.20 and €0.12 for two-sided. Users who need additional sheets for printing, can credit their account by contacting the secretary of the Department and paying the corresponding costs which amount to €5 for every 100 sheets or €10 for 200 sheets. The same applies to students in other departments who have courses in Computer Department, but their account is initially credited with €4,00 which corresponds to 50 sheets.

Recalled that the number of sheets is indicative and refer to single-sided printing.