Employement Opportunities

From time to time students are recruited to help the O.T.Y. on laboratories surveillance and the overall system configuration. Usually, positions for laboratories monitors announced early September, while the positions of assistants to the technical support team announced occasionally, whenever there is a need.

The University of Cyprus give the chance to students to work with professionals to a professional environment on different sectors, should be considered a great privilege not a right. The experience that acquired has a large importance for the future. A small financial reward should be considered a further motivation and not purpose.

Especially for students on the Department of Computer science who are employed as lab assistants the knowledge and experience that they gained cannot be measured by financial reward as it is almost a rule that our graduates start their careers with no practice and very difficult adjustment.

The rules and tasks that are displayed on this form, have as a purpose to inform you about what is expected from you and also to give you direction and knowledge in your future work. Wherever you work in the future there will be rules and duties.