Microsoft Imagine program

The Computer Science Department provides the opportunity for all members (students, faculty and staff) to get free software from Microsoft, to support teaching and particularly the application development environment Microsoft Windows. More information on the program website.

What DreamSark includes:

A full list of applications that Microsoft Imagine includes can be found HERE

Download and install software

Department of Computer Science with Microsoft help activate a specific website to download and install software. The process to activate an account on this website (which is essential) is the following:

  • all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) sign a special document and take it to technical support (room 001).
  • staff can contact technical support through e-mail or through Helpdesk
  • Technical Support prepares an account for them and the password is sent to them through email

Using this account, users can download software from the website:

Protection of agreement

The department thinks that Microsoft Imagine agreement is a very important tool since it offers valuable software on the Department and its students totally free, and for that reason department wants to protect it. Any software that violate the agreement, violates the regulations of the University and may be contrary to the laws. For that reason all and especially students should protect this privilege that the Department offers. Violation of the agreement between Department and  Microsoft will have as a result interruption of access and referral to the competent bodies of the Department and the University of Cyprus.

Referral to errors and problems

In case you have any problem on downloading software or/and during software installation note the problem exactly as it (if you can, do a screen dump - with the error output) and sent it to IT team. You can also write the problem on Helpdesk.

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