IT support team  maintains email service for the Department of Computer Science using the address All the users of the Department can receive emails on the address and emails will automatically forwarded on the Department of Computer Science address. It is recommended to users of the Department to use the Department address such as they can receive their emails quicker.

On the beginning of academic season new email accounts are created for all the new student of the department. Each student is responsible to watch the email account regularly and delete any unnecessary emails, to avoid account overflow. In case of account overflow, student will not be able to receive any new emails. The email address, given by the Department, it can be used for the communication with staff and other students of the Department or the University.

If students prefer to use another email address, they can reroute the Department email address to send their email messages on their preferable address. Routing information can be found on emails user guide.

Computer Science Email service can be accessed through the following website:

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