LINUX system lab (ULab) located at the basement floor of building 12, wing A, room Β103. This lab is equipped with LINUX workstations which are used for teaching and research purposes. The workstations are running latest release of CentOS and a large number of UNIX/LINUX applications some of which can be used as an alternative to Windows operating system.

More information about CentOS operating system can be found on the website of CentOS.


For more information about the unix laboratory read the linux user guide here.

You can access the workstations in the Unix Lab, either in the room B103 or remotely. Room Β103 is open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm on weekdays and from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday. Operating hours of the lab may change every semester. The lab is closed through summer but its machines can be remotely accessed through SSH or SCP.

Domain name of lab is: The available hostnames are: b103ws1, b103ws2, b103ws33. (lab name:b103)-(workstation)-(number 1 to 33)

To access b103ws1 workstation, then you must use VPN and then use the fully qualified host name which is:

Note that all workstations operate the same way and they have the same software installed on them. The use of usernames and passwords is personal. You CAN NOT "lend" your passwords to anybody else for any reason. Passwords "lending" is a disciplinary offense and it will be punished.

Access using SSH

SSH can be used for a secure access to *NIX systems. In order to connect to a remote workstation, an ssh program (like Putty) should be used. Putty helps you have a secure access replacing protocols like telnet, rlogin, ftp, etc.

For example, if you are on a windows lab and you want to connect to workstation b103ws1, you have to run Putty, on the Host Name, write the machine name ( Next, you have to select a connection protocol, in this case, ssh. If you want to save the connection settings for future use, then you have to write a name on Saved Sessions text box and then click Save. In order to complete the connection, you have to click Open.

Access with SCP (Files Transfer)

FTP is not a secure protocol for file transfer and for that reason it has been removed from lab workstations. File transfer can be done only by using SCP. The scp command is available on linux but If you want to transfer files from a Windows computer to Linux workstations you can use  WinSCP which is free.

You have to do the following steps in order to use WinSCP. On Host name, you have to put the computer name that you want to connect  like: Following, you must enter your username and password to connect to the remote computer. By selecting the protocol and then pressing Login, you are ready to connect to b103ws1 as shown the figure below.

The connection instructions listed above may be used only by the internal network of the department. In case you want to connect from outside of the department you have to connect through VPN first and then to connect remotely to the Linux machine. More information on how to connect through VPN can be found on IT support website, on VPN user guide here.


The laboratories have installed Kyocera Ecosys M3145idn printers (\\ \ PRINT8) which are accessible to all users from all machines. To print via the File Menu, select the Print command or run from the command line:
lpd -d PRINT8 <filename>
You collect your printout from any printer with your university card or your code at the central services of PK (banner, blackboard). More information on printing can be found at the User Guides.

Software Installed

  • Full gnome desktop environment and apps
  • XFCE + X2GO
  • XRDP Remote Desktop
  • Eclipse neon
  • Pin 3.2
  • os161
  • xmtc 0.82



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