The IT support team is providing support to researchers and research laboratories of the department.

Some of the research labs are mention below:

  • Wireline, Wireless & Mobile Networks Lab
  • Self - Organising Networks Lab
  • Medical Informatics Lab
  • High Performance Computing Systems Laboratory (HPCL)
  • Computational Intelligence (Former Multimedia (MRDL))
  • Networks Research & Teaching Lab
  • Computer Architecture Lab
  • Computer Architecture Systems & Performance Evaluation Research
  • Component-based Systems Laboratory
  • Software Engineering & Intelligent Information Systems Research Lab (SEIIS - RL)
  • Software Engineering and Internet Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Lab
  • Virtual Reality Systems
  • Formal Methods and Computer Graphics Lab
  • Mobile Research Laboratory
  • Medroplan Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Foundations of Computing Systems and Theoretical Computer Science
  • Pervasive Computing Lab

A complete list of the research laboratories and links to their websites you can find in the central web page of the department:

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